Bottomless Coffee Band ‘What ignites the creative spark?’

Bottomless Coffee Band, have earned a reputation for their energetic live performances, juggling 14 different instruments on stage and being in charge of their own music. They got up close and personal about their life as creatives and shared some valuable lessons with our students. Bottomless Coffee Band recorded their new single, Sonskyn en die Rëen (click here to watch the new music video) with the assistance of our February 2020 group. 

photo: rokas_bagdanavicius

“Fall in love with the uncomfortable process of creating.  Learning what ignites the creative spark is one half of the puzzle. The other is developing the discipline of getting down to it: working until the work becomes creative. ”

As creatives, we often find ourselves going through waves of inspiration and then feeling like our “work” just doesn’t work. Bottomless Coffee Band understands that there is a path to tread between feeling inspired to do great work and setting up your mind to do creative work despite how you may feel. Part of learning to fall in love with the sometimes uncomfortably frustrating process of creating is a tightrope that every creative needs to walk. 

photo: rokas_bagdanavicius

“You don’t have to be signed to make money. Small concerts have become very profitable. In the new normal people love it”. 

Now more than ever, generating an income online is not only possible but necessary. Lourens & Este attest to the fact that building a reliable fanbase who cares about your brand and what you do, is a foolproof way of supporting yourself financially. “Play the small concerts like they’re big shows, and eventually the shows become big. Hold onto the people that are into your brand, because through them you’ll find others.” Making good money isn’t just reserved for the big record labels anymore. Anyone with a message and an audience can make a living with their craft. 

photo: rokas_bagdanavicius

“Your music should become part of your audience’s life, therefore allow them to be critical of it. Every single doesn’t have to be the best thing you’ve ever done: open a tap and get it out. It gets easier. subscribe to the belief that art isn’t art unless you put it out there

A common struggle amongst creatives is the feeling that what you have to share isn’t good enough or important. Henceforth, a sense of imposter syndrome can show its face throughout the inception and execution of a creative endeavour. Artists come to understand that they are often a vessel for a feeling or idea, and if you don’t use the opportunity to get these ideas out there, someone else will! The bottom(less) line is; keep on grafting. Every idea you have may not be the best, but at the very least it’ll be a stepping stone towards the next breakthrough. 

photo: rokas_bagdanavicius
The Producer behind Sonskyn en die Reën, Academic Coordinator, Ben