Deon Langeveld

Deon Langeveld

Djdeon0 is the experimental electronic music project of Deon Langeveld. He is a multi-instrument musician, music producer, audio engineer, 3D graphic designer, indie web developer, audio hardware technician, inventor and indie game developer.

Deon has been involved with many commercial music projects and artists including the mixing and mastering of Wesley West‘s songs, collaborating with Wesley for and with various different artists such as St.Verie (formerly known as Bijou Bijou) and Stephen Blignaut to name a few.

He was also co-founder of the indie/alternative rock band Saving Arthur as a co-founding member with various roles during its infancy on October 2016 up until October 2021 when he handed over his label Avantage Music Studios to the band’s frontman on the exit of the group.

He was also a co-founding member and former co-producer of hip-hop for the type beat company Purplehurst Beatz before leaving to pursue the advent of his label and involvement of Saving Arthur’s local live performance career and new material.

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