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Abbey Road Institute Johannesburg specialises in advanced music production and sound engineering. Join a practical, hands-on programme with a strong emphasis on learning technical skills and developing your creativity and confidence. Spend time both in dedicated lectures and working independently with ProTools, Logic as well as Ableton Live.

Our main focus is to create a personalised student experience, in addition to nurturing a collaborative environment for our students to join a network of graduates with over 95% working in the music industry after graduation. You will learn from industry-leading music producers, engineers, technical experts, business professionals and highly experienced names across the music industry.

Choosing to study at Abbey Road Institute is a life-changing decision and a once in a lifetime experience.

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    Top 5 Reasons to study at Abbey Road Institute

    • Taught by Industry Professionals and experts in their fields

    • Highly personalised experience, tailored for each student's needs

    • Masterclasses at Mastermax Studios

    • Learn on industry standard equipment and gear

    • Be part of the Abbey Road global network

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    "I had never even heard of the term “DAW’ before coming to Abbey Road, but my motivation was to learn as much as I could from the best of the best in the industry, hence choosing Abbey Road Institute and the skills I learnt, have equipped me to create my own music."